Car Collection Tour and Tech Session – March 2, 2019

Car collection tour or a tech session?
What a decision to have to make! Tour a great collection of automobiles or attend a Porsche high performance tech session. How do you decide? Tough call.

But, what if we combined them so you only had to attend one event and get both?
What a great idea, you say.  Let’s do it!

Date: Saturday, March 2nd.  1 pm.

Location: Prescott Vintage Motors, 1125 Haining St, Prescott

Matt Frankel will open up his private collection for us to enjoy, combined with Matt’s typical great hospitality! Those of you who have been there before know how great this is going to be.

Sam Stone, President of Evolution MotorSports, Inc. will then conduct a tech session on performance tuning of Porsches!  See what can be done to Porsches to get the most performance out of them. Courtesy of Matt’s lift. |

Here’s an AZMR Region event you definitely want to make!

There is no charge for this event, but please register at MSR:

Please bring your own chair if you wish to sit during the event.

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