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It's Not Just the Cars...It's the People!



Come for the cars …. Continue for the people!


It’s FEBRUARY and it’s a LEAP YEAR!  The short explanation for why we need leap years is that our calendar needs to stay aligned with the astronomical seasons. One orbit of Earth around the Sun takes 365.25 days, a bit more than our 365 days in a year. So, every 4 years we add the “leap day” to align our calendar with the seasons.



  • April brings exciting opportunities!  We are working feverishly to schedule our 2nd Annual AUTOX.  The date and details are being organized by our committee so STAY TUNED for all the details to come.


  • Important update for all “Track Enthusiasts”
    • The result of the Activities Committee Survey did not generate enough commitment for an official Club Chuckwalla Track Day.  However, those of you interested, do not despair!  Arizona Mountain Region members, Chris, and Gail Margarites are members of Chuckwalla Valley Raceway (CVR).  They drive at CVR on a regular basis and would like to offer Arizona Mountain Region Porsche Club members, who would like to hit the track, the opportunity to join them.  Simply reach out to Chris and express your interest and a range of dates you could drive.  He will check his schedule and let you know which of those dates he is going to go “play” at the track.  There is a fee for driving at CVR but as a guest of a member it is reduced.  For more details, contact Chris at:  Please include your phone number when you send the email.


  • PCA is still looking for more DIGITAL MEMBERSHIP.  Click here  if you haven’t already downloaded yours.



As always keep watching the CALENDAR for the 2024 drives and events.  Exciting additions coming very soon.  Our Anniversary dinner in March (TBD), Our Route 66 Trip is April 10-11 “save the dates”, May 18th Cars & Coffee at Alpios + Lunch TBD.  Keep watching the CALENDAR HERE

Let’s LEAP into Spring together — I’ll be seeing you on the roads!     Lorraine Friedman


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