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It's Not Just the Cars...It's the People!


AZM is busting with scheduled events for March, April, May & June, and the balance of the year is in planning. Keep up to date with frequent visits to our Website Calendar.  Just click HERECALENDAR – Arizona Mountain Region : Porsche Club of America (

Here are the upcoming highlights- Don’t miss the HUGE surprise trip for next Spring 2025! (read to the end)


  • The Bagdad Drive is tomorrow, with lunch at the Copper Canyon Bar & Grill.
  • Porsches & Pancakes is on Saturday March 9th, come and hear plans for coming events. Porsches and Pancakes – Arizona Mountain Region : Porsche Club of America (
  • The Merkin Hilltop drive and dinner event is on the 14th!   Get all the info and register HERE.
  • The dinner at Papa’s on Tuesday 2/20 was a huge success so we will be doing more socials- come and connect with other Porsche enthusiasts!


  • Don’t miss the Route 66 trip on April 10-11.  Read all about it and REGISTER HERE.
  • Porsches & Pancakes is on Saturday April 13th.

AND don’t forget our 2nd Annual AutoX is scheduled for Sunday April 21st!  Save the date and be ready to sign up when the link is ready.

Don’t miss our newest AZMers Story  Just Click HERE to learn more about fellow members.

2024 Porsche Parade in Birmingham, AL is coming soon.  Click here for information.

HERE’S THE SURPRISE 2025 NEWS!:  AZM (that’s us) is partnering with our sponsor Good Carma Travel to curate an exciting opportunity to visit Germany and enjoy a river cruise and then tour both Porsche and Mercedes Museums and Factories, tour historical old cities of Nuremberg and Heidelberg, and more!  Planned for April of 2025, we will start in Nuremberg with a private guided tour of the historical sites, then board our river cruise on AMA Waterways from Nuremberg to Luxembourg.  Post cruise, we travel by luxury coach and have private guided tours in Heidelberg to tour the castle, old city and two exceptional museums – Sinsheim Technik and Speyer Technik.  We will finish with a bang and tour both Porsche and Mercedes Museums and Factories in Stuttgart. Tour dates are April 15 to 28, 2025.  The tour details are on the Good Carma Travel web site:

Questions about the tour can be directed to region member Jeff Swain at 916-768-5411

You are welcome to read the Board Meeting Minutes each month to stay apprised of our discussions and topics to enhance the club and your enjoyment of being a member.  Access current and past Minutes HERE.

 See you on the road!

Lorraine Friedman

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