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It's Not Just the Cars...It's the People!

CANYON VIEWS – July 2024

Come for the cars …. Continue for the people!


“Nothing but harmony, honesty, industry, and frugality are necessary to make us a great and happy people” – George Washington

Dear AZM Members,

My personal experience in service on the board of OUR club has been wonderful! I started as Secretary and now serve as President until my tenure ends in December 2024. My positions enabled me to meet many of you and also strengthen existing relationships with members I already knew. I learned many new skills and enhanced the ones I already had. The most positive impact I had serving was that together we were able to become more connected with the community with our Veterans’ Event, and by inviting other car clubs to our AutoX. I truly learned that volunteering is not only about giving minutes and hours; it is about making a difference, achieving one small goal at a time.

A successful TEAM is a group of individuals all collaborating and functioning collectively towards a common goal. Please read below and consider where you can contribute to the AZ Mountain Region. WE NEED YOU!

I am using this JULY NEWSLETTER to ask for your support and assistance with filling our leadership and volunteer roles for 2025. As the club continues to thrive and grow, the board recognizes the importance of active participation from our members. Our club relies on volunteers who step up to fill essential roles and contribute to our continued and future success.

Why Get Involved?

  • Make an Impact: By taking on a leadership position, you can directly influence the direction of our club and enhance the experience for all members.
  • Personal Growth: Serving in a leadership role provides valuable learning opportunities, allowing you to develop new skills and expand your network.
  • Community Building: Being part of the leadership team allows you to connect with fellow members and create lasting friendships.

Executive Board Positions are the elected positions: We currently have three 2025 positions that need enthusiastic individuals to fill them:

  • President– Chairs the Executive Council and Monthly Board Meetings. Executes documents and correspondence for AZM, including bank account signing authority.
  • Vice President – Chairs when President is unavailable, manages insurance for all events with National PCA, and jumps in where needed on committees.
  • Secretary – has custody and keeps club records, records minutes of all official meetings, collects and calculates ballots for club elections.

There is a Past President Position on the Executive Board that I will hold for 2 years. I will be there to aid the transition of the board to the new members for 2025 and to help in all ways to preserve the continuity of success the club has had in its 6 years of life.

See more details on pages 4&5 in our Bylaws: CLICK HERE

 We also have some Appointed Positions that will be vacant in 2025:

  • Membership Chair – receives notice from national with new members that join our region. Sends a welcome letter and aids new members to feel welcome and makes sure they know about our website, upcoming events, etc. The Membership Chair also recruits new members locally. There will be a transition period where the existing chair in this position aids you in your new role. Looking for a PEOPLE PERSON here!
  • Social Chair – this position works with the Activities Chairperson to have restaurants and venues available for all events where a meal or food is included. The existing Social Chair will collaborate closely with the new person in this critical position to be sure they have all the historical information and contacts needed. You will be the lead in a Co-Chair situation until you are secure that you have it all down. Looking for a PARTY PLANNER here!

NOT LOOKING FOR A LEADERSHIP POSITION? We also need volunteers for the Activities and Social Committee as well. Take a look at our Calendar by CLICKING HERE.

These committees meet once a month and establish the Activity Calendar with the drives and social events to be launched for the coming year. It is rewarding and exciting to be part of planning; the committees meet together so that all the work done by one is coordinated with the other.

We appreciate all volunteers who can help with the set up and tear down of events throughout the year. Do not be shy- step up for whatever service you can provide. A big SHOUT OUT to all who pitched in for our AutoX on June 2nd. It was an enormous success and could not have been done without all the support from members.  Check out the photos HERE. We had a fantastic time and an excellent line up of participants.

How to Get Involved:

  1. Express Interest: If you are interested in any of the positions, reply to this email or attend our next board meeting. These meetings are held on ZOOM every third Wednesday of the month at 7:00 pm.  Send an email to Lorraine at to receive a link to the next scheduled meeting.
  2. Learn More: We will provide additional details about each role and answer any questions you may have with a one-on-one meeting or call.
  3. Nominate Yourself or Others: Do not hesitate to nominate yourself or recommend someone you believe would be a great fit for any of the positions.

Together, Let Us Have Influence! Our club’s success depends on the active involvement of enthusiastic members. Whether you are a seasoned member or a newcomer, we encourage you to step up and contribute. Let us work together to create memorable experiences and foster a supportive community. Whatever your skillset WE CAN USE YOUR TALENT!

Thank you for considering this opportunity. We look forward to seeing you take on a role!

Respectfully Yours,

Lorraine M Friedman 😊🌟

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